GED 101 Computer Applications

This course provides the basic understanding of computer applications and foundation skills. It also teaches advanced features and practice of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint), in addition to Google Drive & Office 365 as a cloud option. Students are also expected to practice plagiarism detection and learning management system applications through lab assignments

GED 102 – English Writing Skills

This course is prepared to equip students with written communication skills required for academic performance. Designed for high-intermediate level of English proficiency subjects / students, the course aims at developing overall writing skills that are necessary to cope with university requirements. Its components enhance the skills of paragraph and essay writing, paraphrasing, summarizing and documentation.

GED 103- Advanced English Writing Skills

This course covers major areas of advanced writing skills. It explores areas of pivotal importance, such as types of document writings, argument essays writing, drafting and composing classification essays. It deals with the different techniques of academic and professional writing. It aims to equip students with the writing and reading skills essential to their undertaking of academic work at a university level.


This course covers basic issues and challenges related to the environment and its impact on health, growth and economic development. It highlights the impact of climate change and industrial pollution on human and economic development and explains the basic principles of environmental sustainability. It examines the social approaches to resolving environmental issues including sustainability, market-based environmental policies, reforms of property systems, and social movements that promote concepts such as environmental justice and deep ecology.

GED 106 – Business Mathematics

This course covers the basic mathematical skills that are commonly used in business applications to assist the management in decision making and problem solving. It includes topics like percentage, mark up and mark down, discounts, bank records, payroll, taxes, budgets, data representation by graphs and tax.

GED 108 – Introduction to Arts

This course covers an introductory, straight-forward, and response-oriented overview of the arts. Students will develop confidence in approaching the arts and will gain skills that encourage life-long artistic and cultural engagement. The course provides a basic overview of the major artistic disciplines – drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, architecture, music, theatre, cinema, dance, and literature.

GED 109 – Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking skill is a key skill useful not only in business decision making, but in all aspects of life. This course focuses on methods and techniques used to improve reasoning and cognitive skills. It covers a wide range of issues related to the thought process in all aspects of daily life and business. This course is also designed to serve as methodical preparation for more effective reasoning and improved cognitive skills to be used in business and organizational paradigm.

GED 110 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This course introduces students to the concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and the way they interrelate to produce jobs and wealth in today’s world. Throughout this course, students will gain an understanding of major theories and models related to innovation management and entrepreneurship, innovation sources and dynamics and the important skills and attributes required to succeed in today’s market environment. The course also aims at developing students’ skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork in a way that maximizes their ability to act as effective employee or self-employed entrepreneurs.