Faculty Research Projects

Faculty Research Projects


A Case Study Of Empowerment: Linking Adult Training To Employment Through Innovative Learning Approaches, Paper in Publication


The case study is focusses on aligning learners to their professions either through self-employment or through employment within the government, non-profit or the private sectors. The learners’ comprehension-level learning objectives and their application-level learning objectives were facilitated. Data was analysed using SWOT, Needs and Functional Job Analysis. Principles of Adult Training, Needs Analysis, Presentation / Facilitation and Evaluation formed the competencies’ framework for carrying out the assessment. Based on initial needs analysis conducted, learners were assessed. The case study project proceeded as per standards laid out by the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education of University of Toronto’s training guidelines. This paper is a reflection on the problems identified, the context within which this occurred, the purpose of the project, the project information related to it, the methodology used and findings.


A Comparative Analysis of Quality Assurance Mechanisms of Canada and the UAE.


The study looks at Quality Assurance (QA) standards existing in the UAE and benchmarking those against 10 Quality Assurance Indicators or Evaluation Criteria existing within the Canadian Quality Assurance mechanisms based on North American QA standards. Since UAE standards are mostly based on North American Quality Assurance mechanisms our study proceeds by looking at gaps within the literature reviewed and by comparing gaps existing in these parameters against these benchmarks.


The Relationship between Employee performance and Commute Stress. A study in the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah


It is a long drawn theory as well as a fact that Employee performance and motivation are directly related to the financial and non-financial incentives provided to him or her. There are certain other factors which are not evident and do not find their place in any particular factors which effect an Employee’s performance. The Commute stress is among one of them.
The Research paper emphasize on the effect of Commute stress over the employee performance as well as enthusiasm towards the work. The study is conducted in the emirates of Sharjah and Dubai on the hypothesize that distance & time along with frequent traffic jams leads to commute stress which ultimately effects an individual’s performance at his or her work place.