Dr. Meraj

IE Unit Member

Dr. Meraj Naem

Director, Institutional Effectiveness

An experienced Business Management faculty, with 15 years of experience in Higher Education, Dr. Meraj holds a doctorate degree in Strategic Management. 

He believes that in the last ten years of his experience in the UAE higher education sector, he has been fortunate to be the part of its evolution as a Quality based, objectively evaluated HE framework, inching closer to be recognized as an International level HE System. 

He opines that “Among all the profiles, I worked, I feel, being a faculty is the most enjoyable and directly contributing experience however my administrative assignments were wonderful learning experiences. My current designation as Director, Institutional Effectiveness reflects the amalgamation of my varied academic and administrative experiences and obviously my active interest in converting the subjective areas of HE in tangibles for the purpose of Planning, Delivering and Evaluating. I received an extremely motivating comment from the MOE-ERT report as a “Qualified and experienced IE Director”. 

Dr. Meraj has been a Dean School of Business and Dean, Research and Graduate Studies which added the planning and delivery experience. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-meraj-naem-19585917/