Distance Learning Policy



Distance Learning Policy

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we do our best to ensure the quality and continuity of the educational process and at the highest level of services.

In this time, we work from home to continue delivering classes and lectures on time through distance learning technologies such as MS Teams and Zoom. We also make the study material available in G-Suite and virtual Google classroom. We are dedicated more than ever to continue our academic operations to obtain courses learning outcomes.

Our contingency plan includes eight main dimensions to respond during the epidemic period, which make sense to any other educational institutes. We are happy to offer it as part of our community engagement services. We use the published pandemic risk data to understand the current situation.
I enclose herewith a general description of our contingency plan in addition to the distance learning policy (Appendix A) in Arabic and English versions to maintain the continuity of our educational processes.

Finally, stay safe all the time and there is no better time than now to strengthen our bonds, and stand together at least digitally to help each other till we get out of it stronger.