Digital Games Development and Multimedia

ALDAR University college

Digital Games Development and Multimedia

Bachelor of Information Technology in Digital Games Development and Multimedia

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Digital games and multimedia degree provides students with the skills necessary to communicate information in a visual, audio, and interactive form. This concentration is unique in that the curriculum is structured to examine the game design from a combination of social, cultural, cognitive, and affective perspectives. Moreover, students receive support to expand their knowledge and skills to include mobile and web app development, 3D modelling and undertake professional development. With this unique major, you will apply your potential skills in technical programming and game design. Skills involved in designing, developing, and studying games are appropriate to a wide variety of future careers.


About this Degree Concentration

In our pursuit of academic excellence, we employ a range of innovative teaching and learning methods. Lectures and labs/tutorials are dynamic and interactive. An experienced team of lecturers will teach you, which includes senior academics, technical officers, and practitioners with industry experience.

Revolution of Digital Games and Development

Over the past 40 years, digital games and multimedia devices have become an integral part of our lives and culture. The Digital games industry has become a multi-millionaire, monstrous organization. Digital games and multimedia trace their roots back to the early 1950s. Carol Show is known to be the first woman game, programmer, and designer. In 1978, she was the first woman to design 3D video games. Other names such as Dona Bailey, Anne Westfall, Jane Jensen, and Brenda Laurel were also known as multimedia and video game specialists.

Major Goals of this Concentration

  1. Translate ideas into elaborate art projects by integrating artistic and creative skills with multimedia applications and technologies.
  2. The use of multimedia in the transfer of knowledge of various types and bodies, and provide students with the skills to analyze the requirements for the establishment of multimedia projects.
  3. Use technical skills in the production and development of teaching aids.
  4. Produce documentaries and advertisements from filming and directing.
  5. Incorporate specialized programs in graphic design for the design of publications.
  6. Using specialized programs in audio editing and processing
  7. Use specialized tools and applications in video processing


Should I Get a Degree in Digital Games Development and Why?

This domain of study is perfectly suitable for candidates interested in the technology of graphics, animations, information technology, and game design. A degree in game design and multimedia enables you to work with professional information technology experts and creative project programmers. The digital games industry has broken the records of revenues of more than $83.2 billion. Therefore, this has also raised the demand for skillful video game designers. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in digital games, you will able to apply for various jobs in the media industry.  Knowledge and skills you will need in this major will make you efficient in programming, designing, developing applications for multiple industries.  

Upon graduation, students will

  • Design prints from advertisements, magazines, newspapers, and others
  • Digitally edit video and produce promotional media materials and documentaries
  • build a broad range of skills in computer games development
  • Recognize approaches to solving real-world problems in video games and multimedia systems.
  • Design images using 2D and 3D software.
  • Design, program, and generate ideas that solve technical problems.
  • Store, retrieve, and protect the information in all its forms.
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of programming, computer graphics, and game project management, together with an appreciation of the industrial environment.

Careers Opportunities Outlook

Digital games and multimedia specialists could expect jobs in the following areas:

  1. Design effects and montage in satellite channels.
  2. Design of TV commercials
  3. Educational CD design.
  4. Multimedia production and animation
  5. Design of TV commercials and social media specialist.
  6. Working in graphic design offices and websites
  7. Software and web developers
  8. Graphic designers and mobile application developers.
  9. Video games designer and editor
  10. Digital media photographer

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