Dean, Student Affairs and Community Engagement

Dean, Student Affairs and Community Engagement

The Dean, Student Affairs and Community Engagement (Dean, SACE), will be reporting to the Vice-President Academic Affairs. The DEAN, SACE will be heading the following unit heads:

  • Head, Student Affairs.
  • Coordinator, Career Services
  • Head, Health and Safety
  • Head, Community Engagement

The Dean, SACE, as a leader of these units will align and coordinate their activities  towards the fulfilment of Institutional targets. The specific duties and responsibilities of Dean, SACE will be as follows:

  • Leading the strategic planning of the subordinate unit activities.
  • To ensure that the subordinate unit’s objectives are aligned with the College’s Strategic Plan objectives.
  • Updating and implementing, the Institutional Community Engagement Strategy as per the changing social and industrial environment.
  • Guiding the units in Budget preparations.
  • Conducting outreach initiatives.
  • Evaluating the subordinate unit heads as per their job descriptions.


The individual units of Student Services, Career Services, Health & Safety and Community Engagement are already existing in the Organization structure of ALDAR, however, the rapid pace of socio-economic development of UAE, has broaden the span of social and economic activities, leading to economic opportunities, however, with unique and complicated socio-economic challenges.

In this context, the modern-day activities of Student affairs ranges from Academic advising and Career orientation to Personal counselling and participation in Socio-Economic activities in the Institution as well as in external environment. Similarly, the domain of community engagement activities has also broadened. The broadened domain of Student Affairs and Community Engagement thus intersect each other due to common and overlapping objectives. They intersect each other in terms of Academic, Professional, Personal and Social aspect.

Thus, to manage such overlapping demand, the post of Dean, SACE will serve as an integrated point where the Head, Student Affairs, Coordinator, Career Service, Head, Health and Safety and Head, Community Engagement can be coordinated to produce synergistic results of such activities.

2019 - 2020

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