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The Policy

Curriculum Review is an on-going process undertaken periodically to ensure the delivery of relevant and current topics and teaching methods towards achieving the ADUC’s institutional learning outcomes. Departments may propose to change – as a result of curriculum review – the curriculum/syllabus/courses by accomplishing the prescribed forms/templates – detailing the justification for such changes, and subject to the Curriculum Committee’s approval. Only after all necessary approvals have been acquired, the proposed change(s) in curriculum/syllabus/courses can be implemented.

This policy is designed to ensure that the ADUC curriculum remains current and relevant through a systematic review and development process that considers the achievement of Course Learning Outcomes.

Curriculum review shall be triggered by the instructor review report and the respective faculty or dean/chair recommendation.

The Curriculum Change Matrix shall serve as a reference point for the approval process.


Curriculum Approval and Revision Procedure

  1. The Curriculum Committee is responsible for conducting the Curriculum review process at the school level followed by the approval policy as per the Institutional policy and procedures.
  2. The curriculum committee prepare the necessary proposed changes and submits them to the School Council.
  3. If the School Council approves the changes the same shall eb endorsed by the College Council and sent to the IE Unit for formal adoption and publication in the relevant manuals.
  4. If the proposal is a substantive level change, it shall be sent from the President Office to the MOE-CAA for approval.
  5. Substantive Changes will be implemented after approval. The IE Office will communicate approvals.
ChangesApproval Level
Class contact hours/delivery modeSubstantive
Semester/delivery periodSubstantive
Addition/Withdraw of coursesSubstantive
Credit HoursSubstantive
Approval of new program/concentrationSubstantive


Course Review Matrix

This matrix is used to classify as major/ minor/substantive

ChangesApproval Level
Title or Code of the courseMajor
Course CategoryMajor
Course DescriptionMajor
Semester offering the course as per study planMajor
Number of CLOsMajor
Mapping of CLO with PLO Major
CLO itselfMajor
Marks allocation to a CLOMajor
Number/Nature/Weight of assessmentsMinor
Grading ScaleMajor
Core Text titleMinor
Any changes which alter the learning outcomesMajor


Type of Changes

Substantive Changes


Class contacts hours/delivery mode

Semester/delivery period

Addition/Withdrawal of courses

Credit Hours

Pre-Requisite (s)

Major Changes


Title or Code of the course

Course Description

Number of CLOs

Mapping of CLO with PLO

CLO itself

Marks allocation to a CLO

Number/Nature/Weight of assessments

Grading Scale

Core Text title