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Standard 3. Educational programs
Course syllabus

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The Policy

ADUC maintains a comprehensive syllabus for every course offered, containing relevant information to guide students about the course’s successful completion of the requirements and expectations.

The course syllabus is planned as per the program planning and development policy. They are reviewed cumulatively by the curriculum committee as per the course review process and individually through the Instructor review at the end of each semester. 

The Course Syllabuses at ADUC are guided by the CAA Standards 2019-Annexure 13 and is comprised of the following content areas (at a minimum):

  1. course title and course code/number. 
  2. credit hours (or equivalent); 
  3. pre-requisites (if any) and co-requisites (if any); 
  4. name and contact information of instructor(s); 
  5. brief course description (as in the Catalog); 
  6. intended learning outcomes of the course. 
  7. Linkage and contribution of course learning outcomes to the program outcomes. 
  8. Course topics and contents on a week-by-week basis, including sessions for assessments. 
  9. Scheduling of laboratory, studio, external visits, and other non-lecture sessions, including online sessions, as appropriate. 
  10. Information on out-of-class assignments with due dates for submission. 
  11. Methods and dates of examinations and other student assessments, including the relative weight of various assessment elements in determining the course grade. 
  12. Teaching methods, including any use of online instruction. 
  13. Course texts and recommended readings are listed in standard bibliographic detail and any other learning resources.