Faculty Research Publication

Faculty Research Publication Conceptualizing Smart Sustainable Cities: Crossing Visions and Utilizing Resources in Africa Dr. Ahmed Al-Gindy, Eng. Aya Al-Chikh Omar, Eng. Mariam AerabeJournal of Advanced Computer Science and Application ( IJACSA)Year: 2021 Abstract : Recent advancements in technologies enabled the development of smart cities to be more effective and

Student Research

Student Research ALDAR University College encourages its body of students to actively participate in research activities either with their colleagues or with relevant faculty members. Student research papers and projects and applications in the fields of business management, engineering, information technology, and media studies can be submitted to ADRJS for

Faculty Research Projects

Faculty Research Projects DR. SUNITHA KSHATRIYA A Case Study Of Empowerment: Linking Adult Training To Employment Through Innovative Learning Approaches, Paper in Publication Abstract: The case study is focusses on aligning learners to their professions either through self-employment or through employment within the government, non-profit or the private sectors. The

Aldar Conferences (ICAEA 2018)

ALDAR Conferences (ICAEA 2018) The current Editorial Board is composed of internationally prominent expert researchers and academicians with at least twenty-year experience in higher education in their field of specializations related to the disciplines of the Journal. The Editor-in-Chief of ADRJS is responsible for the effective management of the entire

Aldar Research Journal

ALDAR Research Journal In line with its mission, goals and strategic objectives, ALDAR University College (ALDAR) considers research as a central element of its educational activities. In its research strategy, ALDAR promotes research that supports its teaching mission as well as research that addresses the needs of local and regional