ALDAR participates in Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition

ALDAR University participates in Dubai Exhibition

A group of school of Engineering and Technology student’s from ALDAR University College participated in the Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition and their innovation projects were ranked highly. A number of cooperation agreements between the University and the participating parties such as Dubai Municipality where agreed on. ALDAR University College strategically

Table Tennis Championship at the University College

ALDAR Univerisyt College Dubai - UAE Table Tennis Match

The table tennis tournament at ALDAR University College was concluded with the victory of the student Wissam Fadel Ali, who won the first place in the competition. The final match was attended by a large audience led by Prof. Dr. Ezz Hattab, President of the University, where he distributed prizes

The President of Al Dar University College Prof. Dr. Ezz Hattab

ALDAR Univerisyt College Dubai - UAE news

The President of Al Dar University College Prof. Dr. Ezz Hattab along with the Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Munther Momany had a meeting with Al Dar Students where he listened to all their comments and suggestions. This meeting is regularly conducted by the president to listen to