School of Arts and Social Sciences

GED Faculty Members

GED Faculty Members General Education Mrs. Mona Mohammed Lecturer, Chair Department of General Education She has a Master of Education with “Distinction “from the British University in Dubai. She taught students from various cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds. She has a broad experience in teaching, organizing and conducting workshops aiming for

SASS Faculty Members

SASS Faculty Members School of Arts and Social Science Dr. Mohammed Abdelgader Osman Ali Assistant Professor, Dean, School of Art and Social Sciences He holds a PhD in media specializing in Public Relations and Advertising, Omdurman Islamic University with a grade of Excellent. He obtained a master’s degree in media

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Public Relations

Department of Mass Communications BACHELOR OF ARTS IN MASS COMMUNICATION PUBLIC RELATIONS (Inactive) Career Prospects Entry Requirements Study Plan Program Learning Outcomes Career Prospects In light of ALDAR University College interest in the Department of Mass Communication as one of the most important sections of social interaction, characterized by the