Campus Facilities


Computer labs and computing facilities are available to all students. The primary purpose of the computing and network resources at the College is to assist students, faculty and administrative staff in their respective goals. Students are expected to make proper use of the facilities, act responsibly and avoid any use of the computing resources that could violate student’s code of conduct. Improper and illegal uses of these facilities include:

  1. Unauthorized downloading of proprietary software;
  2. Transmission through the College computing and network system of illegal material containing pornographic, harassing, violence contents;
  3. Copying of copyright material without the owner’s authorization;
  4. Using the computer laboratories for personal and/or non-academic purposes;
  5. Improper behavior putting at risk of disruption the computing and network facilities of the College;


  1. Food and drink shall not be brought into, stored in or consumed in a laboratory.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in laboratories.
  3. You must work quietly in laboratory.
  4. Be tidy and keep the laboratory clean.
  5. Unauthorized person(s) are not allowed in a laboratory.
  6. Laboratory session must be attended on time, and students coming late will not be allowed to enter the laboratory.
  7. Before leaving, users should arrange all equipment on their tables.
  8. Report all problems to the laboratory supervisor.


  1. The IT Department is responsible for the installation of anti-virus shield software on all computers at the Institute. This software must be of the type that updates itself through the vendor web site online on a daily basis.
  2. The IT Department must carry out regular virus scans on the hard disk(s) of all computers in ADUC (monthly)
  3. The IT Department must set up all computers to have a password on the CMOS setup in order to prevent students from changing the system configuration.


ADUC provides dedicated recreational area for students so that they can get together to play games and socialize. The Office of Student Services manages the following facilities.


The fitness center is free of charge for the enrolled students. Students can have their own lockers and the Office of Student Services manages the log. Fitness Center Timings: opened from Saturday till Sunday


The activities room is equipped with a table tennis table, foosball table and carom. Activities Room Timings: Saturday – Thursday, 9 AM – 9 PM


Student can make use the area in front of the Office of Student Services located at the ground floor for the extracurricular activities like cultural day, in house programs and club meetings.


ADUC has a cafeteria on campus for students where food and beverages are served at reasonable prices.


The clinic is available for all faculty, staff, and students. Services include treatment for minor health emergencies and conditions, dispensing medication for minor health problems, providing individuals with medical referrals, and offering information on health-related issues.

The clinic is open from Sunday to Thursday and on Saturday. Throughout the semester, the clinic conducts a number of educational sessions focused on health awareness.


Prayer Rooms

ADUC has two prayer rooms. The Prayer rooms for Male and Female are located in the Third Level.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located at the Office of Student Services. Lost and found items are held for a period of three months. After the holding period expires, unclaimed items will be disposed as follows:

  1. Cash will be deposited into charity accounts
  2. Student ID cards, passports and official documents will be turned over to the Office of Admission & Registration
  3. Other items such as personal accessories, valuables, clothes, bags, and books will be donated to charity organizations
  4. Other items that cannot be donated will be discarded


The Library Bookstore is located in the Fourth floor of the Building. The bookstore sells all required core texts recommended by Faculty members.

Photocopy Facilities

A photocopier and a LaserJet printer are available for student use in the Library. Copyright laws must be respected and adhered to, all the time.

Transportation Services

Transportation services are provided to the students living in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman. Students will be picked up and dropped off at designated areas. Students should contact the Office of Student Services at the beginning of each semester.

Parking Services

Ample Parking lots are provided for faculty, staff, students and visitors with three dedicated basement floors.

ID Cards

When a student first registers at the college, the Office of Admission & Registration issues a Student ID card. The card has the student’s name, ID, photo, major, and the validation date. Students must carry their IDs with them at all times and have them available upon request.

Email ID

ADUC provides students with a communication channel using Electronic Intelligence Academic Solution (EIAS) Student Portal. Students can exchange emails with their respective faculty members and the Office of Admission & Registration. Students are held responsible by ADUC for information sent via their email accounts.