Business English

Business English

Our Business English courses follow a 36-hour syllabus through which students learn standard BusinessEnglish vocabulary as well as techniques to apply grammar and communication skills to the business environment. All our classes are fun and interactive but also highly practical. Our aim is to implant skillsthat can help students succeed in using English on a day-to-day level. All our teachers are experiencedindelivering Business English classes and are highly trained in our specific curriculum.
Our Business English courses are mapped to our General English levels and the CEFR scale of languagelearning to ensure that students who enroll can enter a level that is neither too difficult nor too easy andwill challenge them from the very first class.

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Our Unique Guarantees
Free Trial Guarantee

We invite all our trainees to attend the first two sessions for FREE to evaluate our quality standers, this applies only to our public schedule courses.

Free Repeat Guarantee

For any public schedule courses attended, the course or any part of it can be repeated absolutely free of charge, provided space and course availability in our public schedule.

Specialised Business English

Not only do we offer open classes for Business English, but we also provide specialized and tailor-madeclasses to meet the exact needs of both individuals and companies. These courses feature industry-specificareas such as

  1. Medical English
  2. Legal English
  3. HR English
  4. Aviation English
  5. Oil and Gas English
  6. Financial English
  7. Logistics English
  8. IT English
  9. Sales English
  10. Transportation English
  11. Telecommunications English
  12. Hospitality English

We are also capable of customizing courses to the exact needs of the company. After conductinga comprehensive needs audit we can identify clear objectives for a 100% specialized training course.

Online Support

All our courses come with online learning support that is completely free of charge. This support materialwill be tailored-made for each course and will work on a 100/100 concept of the online material amountingto the same amount of hours as the in-class material.