Board of Trustees Message

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Board of Trustees Message

Education is a crucial pillar that helps the growth and progress of nations. Higher Education supplements and correlates with general education to enrich and further prosper its noble intentions.United Arab Emirates has achieved great strides in establishing a solid educational infrastructure of schools, learning centers, public and private universities, in an attempt to build a society empowered by knowledge

The Board of Trustees at ALDAR University aligns the institution’s aspirations and future prospects in accordance with the directives of the Rulers. ALDAR University has been working on offering academic programs that comply with the public aims and objectives as guided by the strategic plans of the UAE.  Since its inception in 1994, ALDAR University has consistently focused on shaping the mindsets of our graduates by motivating them to be a part of the comprehensive sustainable development, economic reinforcement and social advancement.

We solidify the university’s path of education by establishing tie-ups with International universities in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Middle East, followed by implementation of the associated learning models in our curricula.

ALDAR University is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE to establish and offer Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Information Technology, Business Administration, Arts and Social Sciences. We are also a member of Arab Universities Association.

The Board of Trustees fortifies the university’s research profile by committing to relevant financial budgets entitled to research publications and participation in International Journals and Conferences. This will have  immense implications on nourishing the idea of innovation in our students, encourage sustainable leadership and creativity that we aspire, and thus, motivate our  graduates to cope with the emerging community needs.

Student Financial Aid is one of the significant units that ALDAR commits to. In addition to signing contracts with local charity organizations and institutions, one part of this unit is directed towards student partial and full scholarships,.

Developments and deviations led by the Fourth Industrial Revolution will greatly influence the process of changing the market needs in terms of jobs. This, in fact, is a challenge for any educational sector. We strive to maintain a level of competitive academic programs that can forecast the future preferences and demands. We do so by constructing the curricula that projects the concept of merging the digital and biotechnological aspects. Such projects are driven by task-force team of experts working in harmony with this knowledge revolution.

The Board of Trustees is the solid backbone to all those working at ALDAR. The President, Academic Board and Deans of Schools work to accomplish the educational and research mission of the university consistent with standards and regulations assigned and established by the Academic Accreditation Commission. ALDAR University’s ultimate goal is to deliver quality and excellence in education and aims at injecting power to shape our society.

Mr. Ali Mohammed Ghunaim
Shareholder, Board of Trustees
Authorized Partner