Mr. Awad Samhan

IE Unit Member

Mr. Awad Samhan

Officer, Institutional Research


▪ Results-Oriented Management ▪ Data Management Professional ▪ Strategic Planning ▪ Vision and Mission Achieving ▪ IT Expert ▪ Resource Optimisation ▪ Multi-core Business Management ▪ Partnership Management ▪

Versatile and highly accomplished senior executive management professional offering extensive international experience across the Middle East and North Africa region. Track record in operations management in the Education sector, IT companies, and infrastructure development. Strategic implementation in IT field, advanced technologies, systems development and IT budgeting, in addition to advanced knowledge in implementing organizational changes. Pleasant Personality with excellent communication skills in both Arabic and English that culminate into excellent negotiation skills, coupled with problem-solving and decision-making skills with a passion for achievement in building long lasting productive partnerships.


▪ Leadership and management ▪ Data and system Analysis ▪ Solution Design and Development ▪
IT Service Delivery ▪ Sales and Marketing ▪ Cloud/Virtualisation ▪ Controlling Cost and Improving Profits ▪ Macro Assessment of Technology ▪ Establishment of Enterprise and Service Oriented Architecture ▪ Increasing Operational Throughput ▪ IT Specialist Capabilities ▪ Crisis Management ▪
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity ▪ Contracts Negotiations ▪
Budget Planning and Management ▪ Risk Management ▪ Customer-Centric Initiatives ▪
SLA Negotiation and Customer Satisfaction ▪ Project Management