Aldar Community


The Career Services at ADUC provides students with an effective career development program, which includes career information and planning, placement services, and career counselling.

The Career Services Coordinator provides the following services:

  1. career counselling to help the students in their career plan: 
  • providing assistance in writing resume and cover letter 
  • encouraging the students to take personality tests in order to make themselves more aware about their personality traits
  • conducting interviews and providing helpful tips via different workshops to make the students understand different ways of handling an interview 
  • educating the students about different job searching techniques
  1. Internship placement to help the students to find internship opportunities 
  • organize career development workshops to assist students in their internship
  1. employment services to support the students with their job search:
  2. update students with the current job vacancies and opportunities, market demand, and annual career fairs